In recent months, there’s been an exciting and unexpected buzz about Newbury, the market town near Berkshire, that also serves as one of Market Recruitment’s key pools for finding great talent to recruit. Newbury beat London and Reading to receive the prestigious title of the UK’s Top Tech Town, in Tech Nation’s 2018 report, which judges ‘digital density’ (digital tech specialisation in clusters).

Some of the credit for such a fantastic result and the area’s growing reputation as a go-to place for tech must go to Vodafone and Micro Focus, two tech giants who’ve now had headquarters in Newbury for many years. Whilst Vodafone may be a household name, software company Micro Focus has quietly become the UK’s largest tech company, after completing its takeover of Hewlett Packard’s Enterprise Software business in 2017. Recruitment firms like us love to see the wealth of employment and career development opportunities that such companies bring. It makes our lives as recruiters much easier, as talented professionals are eager to work with such world-class organisations. As headhunters we act as a filter, working very closely with employees to truly understand their needs and ensure we find them the perfect match from amongst what can otherwise become a burdensome list of candidates. And to also ensure we’re placing people in roles and environments that will maximise their strengths and help them flourish.

As well as its increasing reputation for tech, Newbury is also historically known for its sport. Newbury Racecourse is world-renowned and holds fixtures all year round. Additionally, it’s a music venue hosting concerts by everyone from Tom Jones and Rod Stewart, to Andrew Lloyd Webber and the DJ Pete Tong.

Newbury is also a fabulous place for families, featuring a wide range of attractions for children of all ages. One such place is The Living Rainforest – a greenhouse-enclosed centre that houses over 700 exotic plants and animals, from rare orchids to iguanas.

We think you’ll love it. And those of you who’ve have had bad experiences with recruitment agencies in the past, can rest assured that when you work with Market Recruitment, the only place you’ll find a snake or a lizard, will be on a visit to The Living Rainforest!