Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a long term relationship with a recruiter, who gets B2B marketing, gets to know you, and finds and shares the latest career advice that you can’t get elsewhere?


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As a word of warning, we’re not like most other recruiters. And that’s not code for we’re better either. You can decide that.

*So why the warning?

Well, we’re a tad obsessed with helping B2B marketers like you accelerate their careers. And that could mean talking to you right now about a marketing job we have available. But more than that, we want to support you at every stage of your career so we try our best to create valuable content to help you rise within your company, or rise outside of it.

So how can we help you?


We have our Market Mentors Podcast – we invite inspirational and successful marketing leaders from the B2B Tech scene to talk about all things career related. And when they arrive we lock them in a room (just kidding) and ask them all the questions that really matter to you and your success as a B2B marketer.

Market Mentors Podcast


And on our YouTube channel we produce ‘How to” videos to help you with your interviews, hiring onto your team and getting to the next level in your current company.

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Salary Survey

And lastly, every year we survey hundreds of B2B marketers asking them their salary levels, what benefits they receive and what they really value. It’s a great way to benchmark your current salary for your existing job or if you’ve decided to move to a new company.