Are you a B2B Technology business that wants better quality MQL’s and more of them? Maybe you need to hire a new VP or CMO to transform the success of your business? Or perhaps you’ve recently raised some money and need your very first marketer to accelerate growth?

If that resonates, then either book a call to discuss your project or read our answers to the questions we’re most commonly asked below.

How do you work?

We work fast. And thoroughly. Hiring someone is costly. So it has to be right for both sides.

And the very best B2B marketers are worth their weight in gold. So we’ve worked hard to develop a way of working that helps you tell your story.

A process to help you answer this question.Why should someone join your business instead of all the other businesses out there recruiting?

Because the best marketers aren’t just looking for 'another' job.

And from speaking to thousands of ambitious B2B marketers over the years, we know what really matters to them. What they truly value.

So it’s our job to help you create something that will attract the right person. Someone who will be successful and stay for the long term. And who’ll also be excited about what you have to offer.

Project Steps


Consultation - the what, why, where, who etc. On video or phone.

Asset creation - video advert, traditional advert, hiring manager video

Attraction - existing network and proactive headhunting

Longlist - telephone screens

Shortlist - deeper telephone screens and/or video interviews

Presentation of shortlist

Management of interview process

Support during resignation

Contact during placement with candidate & hiring manager

How do I know you can source B2B marketers that we can’t?

It’s a good question. And the answer is one of the core reasons behind our success.

In short. Inbound marketing. Or as we call it, Inbound Recruiting. Basically, we offer help and advice before we ask for anything in return.

So our content strategy is designed to appeal to B2B marketers who want to improve themselves. This could be listening to our Podcast, watching career ‘How to’ videos on our YouTube channel or reading our latest Salary Survey.

And creating this content isn’t hard for us because we love helping B2B marketers advance their careers. But the knock on effect, is that when the people we help are ready to move jobs, they call Market Recruitment first.

And to us, that’s the true value we bring. Because anyone can stick an advert up on a job board. Yet few recruitment companies have an active community of B2B marketers in the Technology sector like we do.

I’m rocket busy. Can you save me time?

Time saving? Oh yes...we’re currently reducing the time our clients spend on recruitment projects by as much as 30%.

How? Well, being a B2B marketer is a multifaceted role. Success is about having the right hard skills, but also the right soft skills. And in many ways, the softer skills matter more, because they’re harder to develop.

So when we deliver a shortlist to you we want you to see the full picture. A CV, with the hard skills on. But also a video of the candidate answering 2 or 3 questions you’ve set.

And that’s where you’ll save time. Because with more information about a candidate you’ll know whether or not someone will be a good fit much earlier in the process and therefore interview fewer candidates.

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