There is a well-known phrase that “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. That quote may have been said way back in 1777, by the writer Dr Samuel Johnson, but to many people – and businesses – it is as true today as it ever was.

As England’s capital city, London has always been a natural magnet for blue chip, high profile businesses and business talent. As such, it also attracts the adventurous and the ambitious, all looking to make their mark and their fortune, in their chosen industry and profession. Understandably, this also makes London a recruitment firm’s dream. The town is fertile with talent, all of whom are eager to be shown the latest opportunities and are open to being placed in one of the many exciting job roles that regularly become available – if they are approached in the right way, by the right recruiter.

Like any healthy ecosystem, London is continually regenerating and growing. And nowhere is that more evident than in east London, part of which has been dubbed ‘Silicon Roundabout’, due the number of tech companies that have relocated or launched themselves from there. This very British version of California’s Silicon Valley has now been growing healthily for well over 10 years and its renowned work-hard play-hard attitude attracts the young, motivated, aspiring and inquisitive, who are just as happy working in a tech start-up by day, as they are drinking in one of the many rooftop bars, basement clubs or pop-up cinemas by night. For this reason, headhunters flock to the area, keen to meet and connect with its many talented and ambitious people.

Before the plethora of tech companies formed roots in East London, it was a well-known haven for creative talent – from music labels and recording studios, to magazines and fashion houses. These businesses still flourish in the area, increasing its reputation as a hive of smart minds and potential collaborations. The Market Recruitment team finds the buzz that this creativity brings and the people it attracts hugely inspiring, so when we’re not there to meet new clients or potential candidates, you’ll find us there just hanging out, making new friends over a drink and uncovering new sources of inspiration.

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