What we believe

Marketers are playing an increasingly important role in the growth of B2B technology companies.

But, right now, companies face major challenges:

  • Funding is harder to raise
  • It’s now ‘profitable efficient growth’ over ‘growth at all costs’
  • Markets are crowded
  • It’s hard to cut through the noise
  • Buying behaviour has changed
  • Greater pressure to grow

For a lot of CEO’s and Founders, marketing is seen as a key, but elusive, component of a ‘GTM growth engine’.

And that’s why building and retaining world-class marketing teams is a top priority for high growth businesses.

We believe that right now, there’s no better time to be a technology marketer. Because the demand from companies is so high.

Yet it’s important for both employers and employees to find the right fit. Too often, we see CEO’s and Founders becoming disillusioned with marketing, or marketers becoming burned out and frustrated with leadership teams.

So we think it’s crucial for ambitious technology companies to work with specialist recruiters who have a deep understanding of the area they work in to help both parties find a good fit.

It’s an exciting time!

What we’ve done

Over the past decade we’ve built a strong community and network of B2B tech marketers in the London area.

Our focus has always been to offer help and we do that through our podcast ‘Market Mentors’, our YouTube channel and our regular blogging.

In fact, over 90% of the clients we work with today have been inbound as we do very little outbound prospecting.

Why? People say they trust us.

This trust has meant we’ve had the opportunity to hire over a thousand marketers into B2B tech companies.

Recruitment is never easy, but we love what we do and we’d love to help you too.

Where we’re going

But there’s so much more to do. We have a burning ambition to become the marketing recruitment agency of choice for B2B technology startups and scaleups in London.

We want to continue to support our customers and candidates by providing them the resources and advice they need to help them achieve their goals.

But above all else, we want to remain approachable, open, honest and trustworthy.

Recruiting, and finding a job, is stressful enough and we want to take as much of that stress away from you as we can.

What our clients say about us