We’re an odd bunch of recruiters who are borderingly over obsessed with marketing.

In fact, apart from making everyone happy, we love nothing more than discussing the merits of automation, the latest demand generation hacks and which tequila is best to use in a margarita.

Ok, maybe not the tequila. That’s the Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Tequila, obviously.

That aside, we see marketing as our way to serve you. And we use classic inbound principles to help you…..so that you can achieve your goals.

Whether that’s supporting you on your way to a new exciting B2B marketing job, or helping you hire someone awesome into your team.

However, before you work with us, it’s important we’re brutally honest with you…

We’re not in our 20’s. We’re older…quite a bit older. Sorry, experienced. Yes, we’re more experienced…

We’re not ‘yes people’. If you want a recruiter who’s just going to nod their head, not ask difficult questions and just accept everything you say, then we’re not for you…

We’re not the biggest, neither the best. So we have to try harder. And if we don’t succeed, our mortgages don’t get paid and our kids go hungry…

We’d love to help everyone but we ONLY work with B2B marketers and B2B Technology businesses. It’s what we’re passionate about.

Still interested?

*I’m still listening

Ok, that’s all I can ask for I guess.

So from here, I’d highly recommend looking at these pages to find out a bit more about how we can help you.

….P.S. any tequila recommendations always gratefully received, being star recruiters is thirsty work..

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