True Love

  • 15%
  • Exclusive
  • Video Interviews
  • 12 week rebate


  • 18%
  • Non-Exclusive
  • 8 week rebate


  • Mentor Access
  • Video Interviews
  • Careers Page
  • Insurance

We offer special pricing for seed-stage or Series A startups that qualify for our Recruitment for Startups Program.


Do you negotiate?
We feel our terms are competitive and fair for the service we provide. However, in certain circumstances we do negotiate.
We’re a startup. Can you be more flexible for us?
A lot of our work is with Startups, so we often hear first hand the challenges of bringing on the best talent without it burning up the funding you’ve fought hard to secure. To help with this, we can spread the recruitment fee across a number of months. Give us a shout for more details.
What is the ‘Mentor Access’?
Particularly for Startups and Small Businesses, they often need the strategic ability and ‘been there and done it’ experience of a senior marketer to really accelerate growth. Also, Founders of Startups aren’t often marketers themselves, so they’d like their marketer to have support throughout the year from an experienced marketer who is able to develop them further. This can help with retaining the marketer for the long term, as well as making sure that day to day activities are in line with best practice.
How does the ‘Mentor Access’ work in practice?
The most common example is when a Startup hires their first marketer. At the same time they’ll subscribe to one of our Mentors for say 12 days. And during those 12 days, the Mentor can help with anything from creating the plan, selecting the right MarTech stack, developing the messaging, training and general troubleshooting.
We’re looking to fill a VP/CMO role in our Executive team, can you help with this and what do you charge for this kind of service?
Yes we can definitely help. We have a strong network of senior marketers in the B2B Tech space. As these projects require a lot more time, we charge a flat 20% (regardless of salary), which includes a small upfront payment to show your commitment to the project.
What are the ‘Video Interviews’?
Our Video Interview service saves you time. It also gives you more context. At the start of a project, we’ll agree some questions that you’d like us to ask candidates. And during our selection process we’ll video the candidates answering these questions.
How is your rebate structured?
Our 12 week rebate is; 0-4 weeks 100%, 5-9 weeks 50% and 10-12 weeks 25%. Our 8 week rebate is; 0-4 weeks 100%, 5-6 weeks 50% and 7-8 weeks 25%.
What is the % based on?
Good question. The % is based on the basic salary of the candidate. It doesn’t include bonuses or travel/car allowances.
Why do you want ‘Exclusivity’ in the first place?
How we go about building our community of B2B marketers comes at a pretty high cost. But we also appreciate that some companies want to work at a lower fee. And so we see exclusivity as a fair compromise for a lower fee.
How long is the ‘Exclusivity’ period?
The last thing we want to do is tie you to a long exclusivity period. Likewise, if you have a very specific role to fill, then we often suggest that an exclusivity period isn’t in your best interests anyway. But typically, we suggest 4 weeks as a reasonable exclusivity period.
How much does the ‘Video Interview’ add-on cost?
If you’re working with us exclusively then the Video Interview solution is free and part of the service. If you’re not working with us exclusively, then the Video Interview add-on costs £195 + VAT per project, with unlimited interviews. Videos (with CV’s and notes) are shared on a landing page that you can share with your internal stakeholders.
What happens if a candidate leaves within a year but after your rebate ends? That doesn’t seem fair..
The last thing we want is for that to happen. Which is why we stay in contact with you and the candidate throughout their first year in case any red flags come up. And fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often at all. But, if you are concerned about it, I’d recommend paying for our ‘Insurance’ add-on. At £495 + VAT, if a candidate we place leaves* your business within 12 months then we’ll replace them for free. (*excludes redundancy)
I’m not using another recruitment agency but we are advertising ourselves. How does that affect your ‘exclusivity’ arrangement?
Look..we’re not an unreasonable rigid corporate so book a call with us and I’m sure we can agree something that works for us both.