Located in the beautiful county of Hampshire, Farnborough is probably marginally more famous for its aviation than it is for its technology expertise. The Farnborough Airshow is the world’s second largest of its kind, beaten only by Paris. It takes place biennially – on even-numbered years – attracting well over 200,000 people to the trade and public events, which are spread over five days in mid-July.

And it isn’t all show. Some of the technological developments that are having the most impact on our lives today are coming out of Farnborough. From the cluster of aerospace companies, such as British firms like BAE Systems and Americans ones like Flight Safety International to Europe’s largest science and technology solutions company, QinetiQ’s Cody Technology Park which works with the Ministry of Defence, there are a plethora of opportunities for the people we recruit to work with global companies without leaving the relative tranquillity and beauty of the countryside.

This means, it’s also a recruitment agency’s dream! As we’ve discovered, the wealth of technical expertise that these companies bring to the area means that the headhunters at Market Recruitment have a fantastic talent pool to tap into when sourcing specialist marketing professionals for our clients.

Additionally, Farnborough’s many hidden gems make it an ideal place to relocate to, for those looking for life beyond the mania of London – whilst also being an easy commute back. One such gem is Quays Wake & Ski, the UK’s premier home for wakeboarding, water-skiing – and pretty much anything else that you can do on water! And we mean anything, including yoga on a paddleboard! Located on a sheltered freshwater lake, it’s got something for thrill-seeking water babies of all ages and levels of experience.

Finally, whilst Farnborough may not be renowned for its cuisine, one of the area’s – and our recruiters’ – best secrets is The Gallery Restaurant at Farnborough College of Technology. This fabulous fine dining training restaurant is run by the College’s catering students and serves sumptuous dishes at ridiculously affordable prices, meaning you can afford to eat well whilst knowing your supporting someone’s career progression.

A win-win!