Sep 29, 2022

5 Benefits of Working With a Marketing Recruitment Agency

By Matt Dodgson

Co-Founder - Recruiter & Marketer

What are the key benefits of working with a marketing recruitment agency? This is the central question this article will explore. The right recruitment agency will act as a growth partner for your business and spearhead your efforts to expand your in-house expertise. If you are struggling to engage top-tier talent and fill vacant marketing jobs, an agency can offer many benefits.

Marketing Recruitment Agencies (5 Key Benefits)

1 – Expertise

Operating as trusted consultants

The best marketing recruitment agencies will operate as trusted consultants to their clients. That means they will get to know your business inside out. They will learn about your company culture, values and goals. This knowledge enables recruitment agencies to identify and attract marketing candidates that are the best cultural fit for your organisation.

These agencies can also advise you on how to build a robust marketing team, what skills and experience you need to look for in new recruits and how to structure salaries and job descriptions to attract the best talent. In other words, marketing recruitment agencies can provide you with well-rounded knowledge to build a high-performing team.

Industry insights

From salary advice to the latest industry news, marketing recruitment agencies have their finger on the pulse of industry trends. This means they can provide you with the latest insights to help you stay ahead of the curve. This is extremely valuable for businesses that may not have the time or resources to keep up with the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Candidate assessments

When you work with a marketing recruitment agency, they will get to know your business and understand the specific skills and experience you are looking for in new recruits. This puts them in a great position to screen candidates and put forward only those that match your specific needs. Agencies can assess candidates as well as support you during interview sessions.

Key Takeaway:

▶︎ Consider working with a specialist marketing recruitment agency.

2 – Talent

Stay away from job boards

Top-tier candidates do not have the time to trawl through job boards. If you are relying on job boards to generate applications, you are likely to miss out on some of the best marketing talent. Typically, recruitment agencies have access to a much larger pool of marketing jobs, so candidates often speak to trusted recruiters to start their job search rather than spend time searching on job boards. This gives you a far better chance of landing your dream candidate.

Avoid competing against blue-chip companies

If you have job adverts placed alongside major corporations, you may find that your advert gets lost in the shuffle. Not only this, but you will also be competing against these organisations for the same top talent. This means that you could end up paying over the odds to secure the candidate you want. A good marketing recruitment agency will be able to bring to life why a candidate should consider your opporunity.

Access an agency’s pool of talent

The best marketing recruitment agencies have access to talent before they even start applying for vacant positions. They are seen as trusted advisors and will have conversations with candidates to offer career advice. As a client, this gives you the opportunity to speak to these candidates before they’re engaged with multiple companies. 

Key Takeaway:

▶︎ Ensure the marketing recruitment agency does not rely on job boards to generate candidates.

3 – Speed

Plug staffing gaps quickly

When someone resigns, you typically only have a 30-day notice period to find a replacement. This can put a lot of pressure on in-house human resources teams who may already be stretched thin. In cases like these, it makes sense to outsource to a marketing recruitment agency. They will have a team of recruiters who can work quickly to find the right candidate.

Unlock a treasure trove of pre-qualified talent

Many marketing recruitment agencies can present a short-list of CVs from a brief within 48-72 hours. This is because they often have a database of pre-qualified talent that they can contact at short notice. So you can fill your marketing vacancy quickly without waiting for applications to trickle in. 

4 – Cost

The best agencies are ROI-driven

The best marketing recruitment agencies are highly-selective and will only send you CVs from the most relevant candidates. You should look for ROI-driven recruiters with a proven track record of placing candidates in your industry. You may pay a little more upfront but landing the right person for your business can help fuel growth and save you money in the long term.

5 – Representation

An extension of your brand

Let’s face it, marketers are spoilt for choice right now. With a seemingly endless stream of new vacancies for prospective candidates to choose from, it’s tough for businesses to stand out from the crowd. This is where working with a marketing recruitment agency can help. They can act as an extension of your brand and attract top talent on your behalf.

Cultivate the interest of prospective candidates

The best marketers are in high demand and can often afford to be picky about the roles they apply for. They want to work for businesses that share their values and have a solid reputation. If you are not working with a recruitment agency, it’s difficult to get your brand in front of these exceptional talents and cultivate their interest.

Reduce interviewing candidates who don’t fit your brief

The best marketing recruitment agencies will have a rigorous screening process in place to ensure you’re  interviewing suitable candidates. B2B Marketing is a very complex and fragmented area these days, think creative, data, technology etc. So consider two marketers with very similar CVs, they may have wildly different skills. And specialist marketing recruitment agencies will enable you to save time and ensure that you only meet with the most qualified prospects.

Closing Thoughts

There are many benefits to working with a marketing recruitment agency. From accessing pre-qualified talent to representing your brand, they can help you to hire the best marketers for your business quickly and efficiently.
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