Sep 22, 2022

2022/23 B2B Marketing Salary Survey: What Should Tech & SaaS Companies Pay their Marketing Talent?

By Matt Dodgson

Co-Founder - Recruiter & Marketer

Our 2022/23 B2B Marketing Salary Survey has landed! And when only 12% of B2B tech marketers are satisfied with their current salary, you can expect to see plenty of changes over the coming months. 

Some of that change will be positive, with certain employers set to increase marketing salaries to ensure their marketing talent’s expectations are met. On the flip side of that, marketers who don’t feel they’re being paid fairly will seek opportunities at companies where they can earn more money. 

To understand the most important marketing salary trends impacting the B2B technology industry right now (and how to ensure you’re on the right side of those forthcoming changes), you won’t want to miss our 2022/23 State of B2B Tech Marketing Salaries Report

This report is based on a recent survey of 842 people working in marketing jobs within the B2B tech sector. It provides a wealth of unique insights into what the industry’s leading B2B marketers want from their jobs today, and how well employers are matching that. 

Reading this report, you’ll also discover: 

  • The average salary for B2B tech marketers in 2022
  • The current gender pay gap between male and female marketers
  • The top nine factors contributing to job satisfaction for marketers, ranked in order of importance 
  • The employer benefits that marketers value most, ranked in order of popularity 
  • What percentage of marketers currently get paid a bonus
  • How marketers plan to react if they don’t receive the pay increases and career progression they’re expecting.

How You’ll Benefit from this Salary Survey as an Employer

If you’re a business decision-maker or hiring manager, you can use this report to: 

  • Understand the current average marketing salaries in the B2B tech sector
  • Ensure your own marketers are compensated fairly 
  • Gain insight into what your employees really value from their jobs
  • Improve your hiring and talent retention strategies moving forward.

How You’ll Benefit from this Salary Survey as an Employee or Candidate

If you’re a marketer who’s unsure whether to stay in your current role, or you’re actively seeking new opportunities, you can use this report to: 

  • Understand your worth as a marketer in the B2B tech sector 
  • When companies use the term ‘competitive salary‘, know whether it truly means competitive
  • Spot common red flags with job opportunities and prospective employers
  • Strengthen your position as a candidate moving forward.

A New-Look Job Market in 2022 and Beyond 

After 2021 was dubbed the year of ‘The Great Resignation,’ we’ve seen a significant shift in the power dynamic between employer and employee. Today’s job market requires businesses to be far more accommodating to the demands of their existing workforce and their job applicants alike, particularly in terms of salary.

According to our survey, however, The Great Resignation is far from over. To ensure you’re keeping up with the current salary and employment trends in the B2B Tech & SaaS industry, read the full report here: