do marketers new a degree
Dec 9, 2021

Do Marketers Need a Degree? Is It Worth It?

By Ruth Beaney

Account Director

Is a degree in marketing worth it? If you’re mapping a marketing career path and do not know whether to pursue a marketing degree, it’s easy to find yourself at a crossroads. The relevance of marketing degrees is debated across the industry. There are some loud voices on both sides of the argument. Without wasting time, let’s assess the value of a marketing degree.

Is Marketing A Good Degree?

While the world of marketing is rapidly evolving, the everlasting principles of marketing – taught in university courses – provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge. A marketing degree may supply you with the knowledge needed to become an effective professional – enabling you to hit the ground running in an entry-level position.

For most entry-level positions, a marketing degree is not a barrier to entry. There are plenty of opportunities in the marketing field that offer on-the-job training. A degree is just one of many different ways to stand out as a candidate for a marketing position. Some employers see more value in candidates having a marketing degree to their name than others. 

Is A Degree In Marketing Worth It?

According to Marketing Week’s 2019 Career and Salary Survey, 53% of marketers say they have not studied a marketing-related academic or professional qualification of any kind. This is a stunning statistic that clearly shows it’s possible to have a marketing career without any related qualifications. In the survey of 4,415 marketers, 25.7% had a marketing undergraduate degree.

Only 32.2% of these marketers found their degree ‘very useful’, with 55.9% describing it as ‘fairly useful’ and 11% ‘not very useful’. The value of a degree is often subjective. While some employers see a degree in marketing as an essential component of a candidate’s CV, others are more interested in assessing the amount of hands-on work experience listed on a CV.

What Can You Do With A Marketing Degree?

What can I do with a marketing degree? If you don’t have a clear answer to this question, you should think twice about enrolling. Before embarking on a marketing degree, you should know the doors this type of qualification may unlock. You can weigh these potential benefits against the significant student loan debt you will amass – and assess whether enrolling is right for you.

A degree is one of many ways to establish a competitive advantage in the jobs market. While some job candidates with university degrees might stand out from the crowd, employers may gravitate towards candidates with on-the-job experience – which candidates gain through apprenticeships. Ultimately, it all depends on the job position and the employer’s outlook.

What Are Common Marketing Degree Jobs?

There are many different entry-level marketing roles available to graduates. Here are just a few examples of marketing degree jobs often occupied by graduates:

  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Media Buyer
  • SEO Strategist
  • PPC Strategist

Is it better to learn technical knowledge (through higher education) before embarking on an entry-level role, or is hands-on experience potentially more enriching? This is the central question that leaves many aspiring marketers at a crossroads. Some people may feel more comfortable studying marketing for a few years rather than learning their trade on the job.

While some employers may see a marketing degree as advantageous, it’s rarely a requirement. Many employers in the marketing industry accept applications from graduates with any degree subject. It’s perfectly possible to land one of the above job positions without a degree or higher education. To achieve this, you may have to go down the apprenticeship route.

Can You Get An Apprenticeship In Marketing?

With rising tuition fees and a competitive job market, many young marketing enthusiasts are open to more feasible alternatives to the traditional degree pathway. A degree isn’t for everyone, and some prefer to learn through on-the-job training rather than in a lecture hall. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the world of marketing, an apprenticeship might be right for you.

An apprenticeship allows you to gain on-the-job experience that’s invaluable to employers. As an apprentice, you will enjoy a salary of at least the apprentice minimum wage and earn a nationally recognised qualification. This route is a no-brainer for those who prefer to learn by getting their hands dirty and are ready to work their way up the corporate ladder.

How To Get A Marketing Job

To summarise, a marketing degree is certainly worth pursuing if you’re interested in learning about the everlasting principles of marketing. However, it’s important to remember that having a degree is not a barrier to becoming a marketer. It is often remarkably easy to land an entry-level position in marketing. Fundamentally, you should demonstrate an eagerness to learn.

Many different ingredients make up a compelling marketing job application. Even though some employers place marketing degrees on a pedestal, others are more interested in your on-the-job experience. If you don’t have a marketing degree and want to stand out among a pool of job applicants, you should list your involvement in marketing-related projects on your CV.

Listing these projects will help convey your passion for marketing and potentially make up for your lack of on-the-job experience. If you want to land your dream marketing job, you should contact Market Recruitment. As a B2B marketing recruitment agency, we pair ROI-focused marketers from a range of backgrounds – with ambitious B2B businesses to fuel their growth.

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