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Oct 19, 2021

How Do You Follow Up After an Interview When You Haven’t Had Feedback?

By Matt Dodgson

Co-Founder - Recruiter & Marketer



So you’ve had an interview and it’s been a few days and you haven’t heard back.

What do you do?

Well in this video I’m going to give you three ways to get interview feedback without annoying the employer.

Don’t just ask for interview feedback

Too many people make the simple mistake of just asking for feedback, which is fine, but you’re not really influencing the process. 

And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, how you can influence things.

But if you have been interviewing and you haven’t had feedback for a few days then I fully appreciate it must be very frustrating.

Why companies don’t give feedback quickly

However, some companies want to interview everybody before they give feedback, or something may have cropped up that’s sidetracked them.

But to be honest, as a job seeker, we don’t care about that. Our objective is to get a job offer with a really great business. And we need to be proactive to do that.

So, there are two things we are going to create with our follow up strategy, urgency and fear of loss.

Tip #1

And the first follow up strategy, would be to say;

Thanks for interviewing me last week and I fully appreciate you’ve got a process you’ll want to go through but I wanted to keep you in the loop because I’ve had Slack hit me up for an interview this week.’

Now, if they’re interested they’ll get back to you because they won’t want to lose you. 

Plus it shows that you’re an attractive candidate, and if other companies want to interview you, you become even more attractive. 

But only do this if you have a genuine interview.

Tip #2

The second strategy would be to offer something of value.

And that could be based on something you talked about during the first interview.

Hey Sally, after we talked about marketing attribution, I thought you might be interested in this tool that I came across today. It looks like it could help you with some of the issues you were keen to overcome.’


Hey John, last week you mentioned you were looking for a technical writer so I wanted to connect you to Sam who’s got a lot of experience in writing for financial software businesses.’


Or it could even be sending through an article or blog you’ve seen that might help them.

Whatever you decide, just make sure you’re adding value and not asking for feedback. By being helpful you’ll position yourself in a positive light and influence the outcome.

Tip #3

And then the third strategy is to connect with them on LinkedIn and comment or like the content they’re sharing. Don’t overdue this one, you don’t want to be a stalker.

But just a comment that adds an opinion or gives some advice. This will help you stay top of mind as a candidate. 

Don’t lose hope and don’t stop trying to get feedback

So I appreciate that not getting interview feedback is really frustrating.

But if you focus on influencing the process, by creating urgency and fear of loss, then I’m confident you’ll be able to move the interview process on.

And as always, if you have any questions then feel free to reach out to me directly here or on LinkedIn.

What have been your best interview follow up strategies?