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May 10, 2023

How to Choose the Best FinTech Recruitment Partner for Your Business

By Matt Dodgson

Co-Founder - Recruiter & Marketer

In this article, we’ll explore the important role a FinTech recruitment partner plays in ensuring your recruitment strategy is successful, and provide useful guidance to help you select the right agency to work with. 

The UK FinTech sector is experiencing strong growth. While that’s great for business, it also puts top talent at a premium and makes recruitment even more competitive than usual. 

Despite recent turbulence, FinTech talent is in high demand right now as businesses look for the best people to help them grow efficiently, and that means the power is very much in the hands of the candidate. 

So, how do you successfully navigate the challenges of finding and recruiting the best candidates for your specific business, while avoiding the risk of hiring the wrong person? 

What is FinTech Recruitment? 

When you have a role to fill within your business, recruitment is the process of searching for prospective candidates, assessing them, and hiring them to do the job. 

Recruitment encompasses the entire hiring process, from the creation of the role to welcoming and integrating that person into your company. 

With that in mind, it’s clear to see why recruitment is such an important aspect of any successful business. Whether you’re an early-stage start-up or an established brand, filling new or existing roles, an effective recruitment strategy will ensure you find the best possible candidate.

It’s so important, in fact, that it’s now becoming a niche specialism in many industries, like with FinTech recruitment, for instance. 

A FinTech recruitment agency is a recruiter dedicated to the FinTech industry specifically, working hard to tailor their services to the latest trends, challenges, and talent pools.

As the industry continues to experience growth and increasing competition, the value of working with a FinTech recruitment partner who has sector-specific experience and expertise is also growing. 

If you choose to take this approach of working with a FinTech recruitment agency, you’d outsource your talent search and acquisition strategy to an expert. Not only does this save you time and allow you to continue focusing on your own job, but it also gives you access to a wealth of specialist knowledge and proven recruitment processes. 

Having the support of a FinTech recruitment partner to help you attract people with the right technical and soft skills will streamline your growth and give you a competitive edge.

The Importance of Choosing the Right FinTech Recruitment Partner

More and more businesses are recognising this value of working with a FinTech recruitment agency, as fast growth relies on talented individuals to come in and hit the ground running. But it’s even more important to find a FinTech recruitment partner that you work well with.

Your relationship with your recruiter is exactly that – a partnership. While they are there to do the legwork for you, you will need to work closely with them – and invest time and effort into that partnership – for your recruitment strategy to be successful. 

Every recruitment agency will have its own unique approach and offer something different. You should ensure you choose a partner whose services and experience are well suited to help you achieve your objectives or solve your challenges.

You’ll need to be in regular contact with them and feel comfortable giving them constructive feedback on a regular basis, but you also need to trust in their ability to find the right candidates and sell your business to them. 

Key Things to Consider When Choosing a FinTech Recruitment Partner 

When evaluating your options for a FinTech recruitment partner, you should aim to do plenty of research and due diligence, identifying a number of potential agencies to work with. Look at their website, testimonials, social media, and other channels to make sure they have enough credibility and experience. 

Create a shortlist of options and speak to each of those agencies about your objectives, expectations, and challenges, and ask them how they’ll approach their search and recruitment process for you. 

Recruiters are generally very friendly, approachable people, so don’t feel like this has to be a particularly formal conversation. Just be clear and specific about what kind of candidates you’re looking for, and then use that to determine whether you feel confident in their ability and comfortable working closely with them. 

Of course, there are some factors that will make it fairly evident whether they’re qualified to find the necessary level of talent and successfully recruit them for you. 

Ideally, you want someone who will go the extra mile to get to know your business, understand your challenges and business goals, and embed themselves as an extension of your team to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, their level of sector-specific knowledge and expertise should also have an influence on your decision.

Some other important considerations you should keep in mind when evaluating your options for a FinTech recruitment partner include: 

Experience and Credibility

  • How many years of experience do they have working in the FinTech industry? 
  • Is it easy to find positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, both businesses and candidates?
  • Do they have a proven track record of success in the FinTech sector?
  • What do they consider to be fair measurements of their performance and success? 
  • Do they actively contribute to the discussion within the online community related to their specialism

FinTech Sector-Specific Qualities 

  • How big is their network of FinTech talent? 
  • Do they have access to candidates who aren’t actively seeking new opportunities? 
  • Can they give you access to candidates who are working for your competitors? 
  • Do they have up-to-date, industry-specific knowledge and expertise? 
  • Can they advise you on average salaries and the necessary experience for FinTech roles? 
  • Can they help you craft and refine your roles and job descriptions? 
  • Can they help you develop and improve your FinTech employer brand? 

Processes and Approach 

  • What processes and systems do they use to find and recruit candidates? 
  • What are their screening and interview processes like? 
  • What is their working style, and how will they communicate with you? 

The Details of the Relationship

  • What are their costs? How do those costs compare with other agencies?
  • Who within the agency will manage your account, and what is their experience?
  • Will you have a dedicated recruitment partner, or several people working with you?
  • How much of their time are they able to devote to your recruitment needs? 

Top Tips to Help Your FinTech Recruitment Partner Succeed  

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve found a FinTech recruitment agency you’ll be able to work well with, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure the relationship gets off to a good start. 

You should do everything you can to enable your recruiter to do their job effectively and help them succeed in their efforts. 

For example:

Be highly specific about your objectives, expectations, and the type of candidates you’re looking for. 

Communicate clearly and regularly, and stay in constant contact through the recruitment process. 

Share knowledge with each other and leverage each other’s networks to reach as far and wide as possible. 

Invest in your employer brand and take proactive steps to make your company as attractive as possible for prospective employees. 

Work together to craft an assessment process that will allow you to determine which candidates are a good fit and which ones aren’t. 

Be as responsive as possible and act quickly every time a CV or a call with a candidate is provided for you. 

Trust them to use their experience and expertise to recognise opportunities that will be beneficial for your business.

How to Measure the Value of Your FinTech Recruitment Partner 

When you begin working with your new partner, you’ll also need to make sure that they’re performing at a level that meets your expectations. 

There are a few important factors you should keep a close eye on to determine how effective their recruitment efforts are proving to be. You should set up a process to regularly measure and review these, then provide feedback and ensure your recruiter is optimising their approach to achieve the best possible results for you: 

Advice on Hiring 

As mentioned earlier, your FinTech recruitment partner should be an expert in the FinTech industry.

This means they should do more than just search for candidates. You should look for a partner who can provide expert advice on things like your roles and job descriptions, your salaries, the types of skills and experience you need, and how to assess your candidates. 

These are key aspects of a great recruitment agency, particularly in an industry as complex and nuanced as FinTech. 

Transparency and Data 

Like with any working relationship, transparency in expectations and performance is vital. 

Set clear expectations and KPIs at the beginning of your partnership to ensure that your objectives will be met efficiently and cost-effectively. Your FinTech recruitment agency should be open with their data regarding how they’re spending their time and how they’re performing. 

Speed and Responsiveness

One of the main reasons you’re working with a FinTech recruitment partner is because their dedicated resources will significantly accelerate your hiring process. 

For this to work effectively, though, you both need to be invested and work to a certain level of responsiveness at each stage with every candidate. 

You should always look at a 48-hour to 74-hour turn-around as the standard for feedback on CV’s.

Finding the Right Candidates

Using data and KPIs to keep track of your recruiter’s output is always valuable, but their efforts will be virtually useless if they aren’t providing you with candidates who will be a good fit for your role and your company’s culture.

As mentioned earlier, this is why it’s so important to be clear and specific about your expectations before you agree to work with any recruitment agency. You need to be sure they’ll deliver talented candidates with the required skills – both technical and soft skills – to fit your roles and help take your company to the next level.

Get Started Right Here 

These days, in such a competitive market with such high demand for great candidates, it’s so important to find a FinTech recruitment partner you can depend on. 

When it comes to certain roles, the support of a capable FinTech recruitment agency could even make the difference between success and failure.

With that in mind, we highly recommend investing sufficient time and effort to find a partner well suited to work with your specific business.

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