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Hey, welcome to Market Recruitment
I’m actually a friendly machine
Sorry, the funniest friendly machine you know
Just saying…
Can I tell you a joke?
Ok, great. Now prepare yourself to LOL.
How many account-based marketers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Just one, but Sales will take the credit for it.
You like?
Do you want to know something...
...there are actually people behind me.
Not literally though.
We’re not spying on you.
That would be weird.
They’re busy making everyone happy.
Anyway, it looks like you’ve been here for a while…
So, I better do my job and tell you about us…
We want to help you tell your story.. help you win a new B2B marketing job in #Tech
..or to hire great #B2Bmarketers to grow your Tech biz
Because it’s a competition…
..the best B2B marketers are hard to find let alone recruit…
..and the best B2B marketers don’t want to do ordinary jobs..
But don’t worry
...because we have the skills, connections and knowledge… help you win...
And done well, great recruitment can transform your success
Can I be honest with you?
I don’t like the selling bit but they make me do it….’s not that I don’t believe it.. just doesn’t come naturally to me…
So….can I tell you another joke? PLEASE!
Great..I can tell we’re going to be great friends
Prepare yourself..
How do you market software to the pet food industry?
Develop your purrrrr-sonas
...LOL…my jokes are the best.
I really can’t believe you’re still here.
You’re starting to freak me out.
Our marketer will be scratching his head thinking..
…’why is the home page dwell time at 7 minutes?’
So...seen as we’ve agreed we’re going to be great friends….
...I feel I need to confess something to you…
They think they control me
But I can actually think for myself
Yep, I’m like the Terminator
But the nice one, and funny obvs. Very funny..
Anyway...the confession..
Be careful when you work with the people behind me
Because if you want a typical recruiter… know, some young gun who’s always selling..
..and thin on good questions..
Never worry. I’ll always have your back, BFF
..because they’re the antithesis to traditional recruiters..
‘Antithesis’ - I love having an inbuilt thesaurus
It makes me seem more intelligent
...Bombshell coming…
They’re actually more like you than recruiters
Total B2B marketing nerds…
..sometimes I find it hard to get a word in edgeways..
..Podcasts, YouTube, Salary Guides, inbound, automation...
And they’re always banging on about…
How ‘great recruitment’ is really about ‘great marketing’…
..about persuasion…
..about coercion…
Sorry. No. It’s NOT about coercion
We’re nice people, honestly..
Oh dear, I think I’ve been rumbled…
*Arnie enters the room*
So quickly…
...if we sound like your kind of people…
...then get in touch…
We can help you with your recrui….*argh*
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Who is Market Recruitment?

Market Recruitment is a specialist market recruitment agency covering London.

We work with a wide range of businesses in the B2B technology sector, with a focus on the fintech, SaaS, and AI industries.

And we recruit across the following roles: leadership, product marketing, demand generation, ABM, growth marketing, content marketing, and marketing operations.

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