The VP of Marketing will lead marketing and demand generation to help the business achieve its goals and objectives through better brand awareness and better lead quality.

VP of Marketing Job Description

We are looking for a VP of Marketing to create and deliver a cohesive international B2B marketing and communications strategy that allows us to grow by working with the sales teams to build a larger and more profitable sales pipeline; by engaging fully with the product management function to strategically align our solutions to the needs of our chosen markets; and by working throughout the wider organisation to create a valuable brand which is recognised globally as representing premium solutions

Responsibilities of the VP of Marketing

  • Strategy; work with the CEO to create and align the marketing strategy with business growth objectives.
  • Brand; control the external presentation of the brand through management of internal and external events, product marketing and communications.
  • Customer Engagement; drive the development of customer engagement through better customer insight, PRM/CRM and the creation of compelling messages on this.
  • Product Alignment; engage fully with the Product Management function to ensure that all products are properly correlated and strategically aligned to the needs of our chosen markets within a coherent product and service architecture.
  • Product Development; ensure that Product Development takes place proactively in alignment with and in order to address clearly defined market needs.
  • Stakeholder Management; engage with senior leaders across all functions to understand and communicate any key opportunities and risks that will influence marketing strategy.
  • Agency Management; partner with established external marketing, digital, brand and PR agencies to develop and implement strategies which enhance brand perception and awareness.
  • Regional Marketing; work alongside sales and product teams to develop effective regional and product specific marketing plans including sector messaging to deliver new business.
  • ROI; develop and implement ways to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy to establish ROI and influence the strategy going forward.
  • Communications; create marketing processes to ensure relevant, effective and consistent messaging across all areas of the business, internal and external.

VP of Marketing Requirements

  • You'll already have extensive experience in the creative and strategic development of successful international brands and know how to create and manage highly targeted below the line, direct, experiential and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Have an understanding of the international aspects of our industry, and will need to reach beyond their marketing knowledge to generate innovative approaches with potentially significant long-term impact which help to drive the development of market leading products and services within a coherent and structured architecture.
  • Understands the international enterprise software marketplace, can identify our business opportunities and our current and potential competitors.
  • With at least 5 years management experience, a strong background in brand, marketing or communications for an international company, and strong proven experience in a product management environment, you'll enjoy travel, learning and the challenge of growing a business fast in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • University educated, senior management experience and international industry knowledge essential. CIM qualified.