The Chief Revenue Officer is responsible for building an integrated approach across sales and marketing to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Chief Revenue Officer Job Description

We are looking for a Chief Revenue Officer to oversee company-wide revenue generation and build an integrated approach across marketing and sales to create the best customer experience. You'll be responsible for revenue performance and for customer retention, customer growth, and new customer acquisition. And coordinates and aligns marketing, sales, and customer success teams and ensures that processes deliver an effective end-to-end customer and buyer experience.

Responsibilities of the Chief Revenue Officer

  • Strategy; work closely with the board to develop and own a strategy to drive incremental revenue and reduce churn.
  • Persona Development; define ideal buyers, select market segments, and pick audiences to engage using data-driven insights.
  • Metrics; set up top-down goals and metrics based on both internal goals and external market opportunities in selected markets.
  • Product; partner with product teams to define offerings, continuously refining value propositions and looking for differentiators.
  • GTM; define go-to-market models across offers and segments to access buyers, customers, and influencers.
  • Demand Generation; manage a variety of marketing programs to attract, engage, and convert leads.
  • Campaign Strategy; oversee campaign strategy, design and execution for marketing and sales to optimise buyer engagement and the efficient and effective execution of sales that maximises demo to closed deals.
  • Sales Management; manage the sales teams activities and competencies to sell our solutions and manage relationships predictably, so that they meet and exceed targets.
  • Account Management; ensure Account Managers are executing effectively to maximise retention, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Brand; enable and maintain brand touchpoints to engage buyers across segments.
  • Infrastructure; integrate the revenue technology stack including marketing automaton, Salesforce CRM, digital channels, business intelligence, and customer data platform.
  • Recruitment; build a performance-based culture by attracting, hiring, and retaining top sales and marketing.
  • Budget; manage and allocate the budget to maximise performance.

Chief Revenue Officer Requirements

  • Successful leadership experience, in particular scaling and managing all aspects of the sales and marketing function.
  • Recent experience as a senior sales leader with industry expertise and working in an expansion-stage, enterprise focused, B2B SaaS company.
  • Successful experience leading large, multi-region, multi-tier sales teams with experience managing managers.
  • Experience creating, defining and operationalising go-to-market strategies and managing complex sales cycles.
  • Experience building, aligning and managing direct, channel, and inside sales teams.
  • Excellent understanding of modern demand generation and conversion optimisation techniques.
  • Track record of success building and motivating sales and marketing teams, and consistent ability to deliver quarterly targets with high quality deal structure.