A senior growth manager takes ownership of improving the entire customer lifecycle. Heavily focused on data and constantly using that to create and execute growth experiments.

Senior Growth Manager Job Description

We are looking for a senior growth manager to take responsibility for improving our customer lifecycle to help support our ambitious growth plans.

With our CRO, you’ll help build the strategy and be responsible for executing it. Your remit will cover activities across acquisition, conversion, and retention. With the support of marketing, development, and sales teams, you’ll conduct data-driven experiments and look for improvements to CAC, LTV, and churn.

Responsibilities of the Senior Growth Manager

  • Strategy: build a plan with our CRO and be responsible for executing it to help the business achieve its growth goals.
  • Analysis: analyse our current acquisition and retention strategies, do customer research, and talk to our prospects and customers to give you insights to test against.
  • Customer Acquisition: Improve our customer acquisition campaigns by working across paid ads, SEO, affiliates, and email marketing.
  • Customer Conversion: Improve how we convert our prospects into happy customers. Focus on messaging, pricing, and UX to identify, test, and roll out improvements.
  • Customer Retention: Improve the customer experience to reduce churn and increase LTV.
  • Reporting: use GA, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, and Segment to measure and improve CAC, MRR, and LTV.

Senior Growth Manager Requirements

  • Experience in a growth marketing role for a high-growth B2B Tech Startup.
  • Demonstrated experience of influencing growth with a focus on data.
  • Advanced users of analytics tools (Google Analytics Suite, Segment, etc.).
  • Great communication skills and the ability to work with diverse teams.
  • Degree educated.