When it comes to the world of marketing, few positions are as crucial as a Director of Growth Marketing. This is a role that requires a strategic thinker, an analytical mind, and a knack for finding new and innovative ways to drive growth. If you’re looking to fill a growth marketing leadership position within your organisation, crafting a job description that accurately reflects the responsibilities and expectations of the role is critical.

Director of Growth Marketing Job Description

At its core, the role of a Director of Growth Marketing is to oversee and drive the growth of a company’s customer base. This includes developing and implementing marketing strategies that help to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. The Director of Growth Marketing is responsible for identifying and monitoring key performance metrics, such as customer acquisition cost and user engagement, in order to optimise marketing efforts and drive growth. Additionally, this person should be able to work cross-functionally to align marketing efforts with broader business goals.

The Director of Growth Marketing has a crucial role in any organisation, as it is responsible for driving the company’s revenue growth. This person should have a deep understanding of the company’s products and services, as well as the target audience and competitive landscape. By leveraging this knowledge, the Director of Growth Marketing can create and execute a comprehensive growth marketing plan that drives customer acquisition and retention.

Responsibilities of the Director of Growth Marketing

The Director of Growth Marketing should have a deep understanding of the company, its target audience, and the competitive landscape. Some key responsibilities include:

  • Creating and executing a comprehensive growth marketing plan that aligns with the company’s overall business goals
  • Developing and optimising paid acquisition campaigns to drive customer acquisition
  • Testing and refining landing page and email marketing strategies to improve user engagement and retention
  • Managing and growing a team of marketing professionals to achieve ambitious growth goals

Director of Growth Marketing Requirements

The successful candidate should also have a deep understanding of digital marketing channels, such as search engine optimisation, social media advertising, and email marketing. They should be able to leverage these channels to drive customer acquisition and retention, and should be able to use data and analytics to optimise marketing efforts.

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field
  • At least 7 years of experience in marketing, with a focus on growth
  • Proven experience in creating and executing successful growth marketing strategies
  • Exceptional analytical skills, with experience in using data to drive decision-making
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills, with a track record of building and managing high-performing teams