Are you hiring a Customer Engagement Manager? The Customer Engagement Manager is responsible for strengthening customer relationships, driving satisfaction, and fostering loyalty within a company. Situated within the Customer Success or Sales department, this role plays a pivotal role in ensuring that clients receive exceptional service, understand the value of the company’s offerings, and remain engaged and satisfied. Use this job description template to get started now.

Customer Engagement Manager Job Description

As the Customer Engagement Manager, you will be responsible for developing and executing strategies to enhance customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Your role will involve working closely with a portfolio of 50 customers to understand their needs, ensuring they receive exceptional service, and fostering connections that drive customer retention and growth.

Responsibilities of the Customer Engagement Manager

  • Customer Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with a portfolio of 50 customers, serving as their dedicated point of contact and advocate within the company.
  • Customer Engagement Strategies: Develop and implement customer engagement plans and initiatives that align with company goals and drive satisfaction.
  • Client Feedback and Insights: Gather, analyse, and act upon customer feedback and insights to continuously improve customer experiences and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Support teams to ensure a unified approach to customer engagement and share insights that influence product improvements.
  • Customer Advocacy: Identify and nurture potential customer advocates who can provide testimonials, case studies, and referrals to promote our products and services.
  • Customer Training and Education: Develop and deliver training programs and resources to empower customers to maximise the value of our offerings.
  • Account Management: Manage a portfolio of customer accounts, ensuring their needs are met, issues are resolved promptly, and overall satisfaction is maintained.
  • Renewals and Upsells: Monitor subscription renewals and identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling additional products or services to meet customer needs.
  • Customer Health Metrics: Develop and track customer health metrics to measure overall satisfaction and success.
  • Budget Management: Manage the customer engagement budget, allocating resources effectively to achieve departmental goals.
  • Reporting and Documentation: Maintain accurate records of customer interactions, success metrics, and departmental performance. Generate regular reports to share insights with relevant teams.

Customer Engagement Manager Requirements

  • Proven experience in a customer-focused role, such as Customer Success, Account Management, or Customer Relations.
  • Exceptional communication and skills in writing and in person.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and a customer-centric mindset.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Focus on improving customer success metrics.