Psychometric Assessments

Whilst we don’t believe psychometric tests should be used in isolation, we do believe that they give our clients a distinct advantage when measuring personality preferences, natural aptitudes, ability and motivational interests.

Our tests are accredited by the British Psychological Society and are backed up by 30 years of research giving high levels of validity. Our Psychometric Assessment Package includes;

  • FACTS – we work with you to build the key elements & competencies of your role, which acts as a benchmark for candidates to be assessed against
  • PERSONALITY – tailored to your role, candidates will complete an online personality assessment, giving you greater insights into a candidates agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion/introversion, neuroticism (equable v unstable) and openness (broad minded v narrow minded)
  • COGNITIVE – candidates complete a number of cognitive questions which measure literacy, verbal reasoning, error detection, numeracy skills, learning ability and memory

Key benefits include;

  • Cleary define the capabilities needed in your role using our FACTS based methodology, making decisions more objective & informed 
  • Retain your employees - candidates that suit a role and the culture of a business are less likely to leave and more likely to perform better 
  • Help predict a candidates future job performance and ability to learn
  • Save time by only progressing the most suitable candidates
  • Results are quick, speeding up the hiring process and reducing candidate drop off
  • Assessments are standardised giving everybody an equal opportunity, promoting fairer selection

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