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In order to succeed most businesses need to recruit the right marketing talent to help them achieve their goals. Since the recession the job market has improved to the extent that finding talented marketing candidates is as hard as it’s ever been. So what can companies do to help?

Well lots of things of course! But one of the easiest ways is to create a good job description in the first place, something that’ll stand out from the crowd.

Now unless you’re a big brand, a job description is often a candidate’s first introduction to you – not dissimilar to you seeing their CV for the first time or meeting them at an interview – as we all know first impressions can last a life time so make it count!

So what makes a good job description?

·       Make It Visually Appealing – basically make it look good! You’d put on a suit for an interview so why not put your company logo on and perhaps some of your branding colours or images to make the job description stand out 

·       Why you? Candidates may know very little about your company, so give them a short paragraph about what you do and why you’re good at it. Strong candidates will identify with inspirational & successful businesses 

·       Does it have an overview? Marketing jobs vary from one role to another even when they have the same title – does the job description give a high level synopsis for what this role’s purpose is to help candidates understand the remit of the role 

·       What about the day to day? The overview needs to be strategic but the responsibilities need to explain what this person will actually be doing so bring it down to a more operational level 

·       Leave Out The Terminology – every company has its own terminology but sometimes it means nothing unless you’re working there, so leave out any acronyms that aren't obvious

Part of our recruitment service is to help companies find talented marketing professionals so we’ll work with you from shaping the role, creating the job description to securing the candidate.  We'll be with you every step of the way. 


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