Interview Advice

Giving our candidates a good interview brief is a key focus for us. 

The relationships we have with our clients gives us key insights into the company and role you're interviewing for. Despite titles being similar, roles do vary between companies and come with their own focus and challenges. Armed with this info you can then tailor your experience and address how you can specifically add value in your interview.

And on top of that we’ll talk you through some interview tips based on the feedback we’ve received from clients over the years – basically the likes and dislikes! 

Here are our 7 key interview tips:

  • Preparation - make sure you do your research, look into their business, the role and what you’ve done that’s relevant
  • It’s not a memory test! – you wouldn’t turn up to brief an agency on a new project or a sales meeting with your hands empty so why would you do that in an interview? Take a folder with the job spec, some notes on the company, questions for them and a sheet of A4 with a few examples of your relevant experience on and briefly refer to it if needed 
  • Don’t use ‘we’ – your experience most likely included working in teams and it may be natural to describe examples using ‘we’. As you're selling yourself, you need to distinguish what you did with what someone else did, so make sure you use 'I' where appropriate
  • Results are key – it’s all well and good telling companies what you did, but go a step further and tell them what impact it had on the business – quantitative examples are much better
  • It’s not about me – leave the ‘me’ questions like career progression, salary and bonus prospects, until later in the process, the key in a first interview is to get them bought into you 
  • Why me? – what makes you good at your job? Now is the time to sell yourself 
  • I’m keen! – leave them with a feeling that you’re excited about the opportunity – companies are naturally drawn to people who are positive about their role and want to work for their business 

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