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Ask 100 people what makes a good marketing CV and you’ll get 100 different answers. So here are some of our tips for writing your CV;

  • Key Info; make sure you have phone numbers and your address (town/city at the very least) because if you don’t some people won’t even consider your application 
  • Use Word; fancy CV’s are great in certain situations but most employers/recruiters have systems that will only process CV’s in word. And no photo’s! 
  • Keep it Simple; a CV is a tool to get you through the door, not to tell them your life story before you arrive, so keep it brief, to the point and easy to read 
  • Overhaul; re-do your whole CV each time you look for a new marketing job and don’t just add the latest role at the top. Your recent experience should be expanded on and early roles minimized 
  • Achievements; don’t overdo it, but two really good achievements with ROI on for each role will demonstrate you’re made a tangible difference 
  • The Litmus Test; give your CV to someone who doesn’t really know what you do. Once they’ve read it, does it explain your experience easily to them? If not then back to the drawing board. Quite often it might be a HR person who’s reading it so you need to explain your remit succinctly and clearly

Part of our service is to go into more depth on your CV when you register with us because having a good CV in today’s market is crucial to securing the marketing job you really want.


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