Are you a B2B Tech Startup that wants to hire a marketer to help you fuel grow? You may have been through a successful funding round and now want to hire your first ever marketer to help with messaging, go-to-market planning and client acquisition?

How to Hire Your First Marketer: A Guide for B2B Tech Startups

Running a successful startup today is no mean feat. Funding is hard to secure and then you need to satisfy the investors when you receive it. With most investors expecting a x10 return in a fairly short time frame.

The good news? Well, hiring a star marketer in the digital world we live in can have a huge impact on your success. Historically, marketing was an afterthought for most startups. They were hired once the product and business model was proven. Techies first, then sales, then figure out what works, and then hire marketing to scale.

The bad news? The old way takes too much time and hiring a good sales team is too much like hard work and far too expensive. So the answer for many successful startups has been to hire a marketer much earlier in their growth.

The marketer can help with the MVP, messaging, market planning and start to test small tactics to create demand. And with the maturity of automation and analytics tools, this can be more easily measured and scaled. Sound too good to be true?

And can we be brutally honest with you? A lot of startups end up disappointed in the marketer they hire because they get it wrong. Someone talking well about marketing in an interview doesn’t mean they can actually get the work done. And many founders who aren’t marketers fall into this trap.

So how can we help you? Well, there are a few ways...

  • we can advise you on how to structure your marketing team, what elements need to be in each role and what you should pay people
  • you can work with us on the job description to create something that marketers will be attracted to, even when your business is an unknown
  • you can let us amplify your role through paid social so it reaches more people in our network of marketers
  • we'll approach b2b tech marketers in our extensive network, whether they're actively looking or not, so you can feel confident you're seeing the best people in the market

Interested? The let’s talk to see if we can help you. We LOVE helping startups….book a call here.

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Video Interviews Change The Game


At Century Tech, an intelligent teaching and learning platform, the senior leaders weren’t marketers but they knew they needed marketing to help them grow the business. Their target market were teachers and heads of departments in schools, a group that is notoriously difficult to reach. Unfortunately, they hired a marketer who just wasn’t quite right and left soon after joining. They needed a replacement in a timely manner and knew they needed to find a recruiter who understood B2B marketing in the tech space and could market their relatively unknown business to top talent.


To counter that fact they were unknown, we recorded a video call with Alice Little, Head of Strategic Operations. We then shared this video with candidates, giving them an insight into culture and all those important things you can’t see from a job description. We also produced a video advert that we showed to potential candidates to demonstrate the exciting aspects of this role.

To save them time, we sent a video shortlist to Century-Tech instead of just CV’s so they could see the candidates answer some more specific questions about their skills and how they’d approach certain situations.


We had a 127% uplift in responses to the job when compared to similar roles that we had just advertised, with the video of the line manager increasing our candidate conversion rate by a factor of five. We also managed to reduce the time spent hiring because the instead of waiting for the CEO to get back from her business trip, she was able to watch the videos of the candidates and feel confident in moving forward with them. In the end, they recruited two candidates instead of just one.

Typical roles we fill

  • CMO
  • Marketing Director
  • Head of Marketing
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Field Marketing Manager
  • Demand Generation Manager
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Performance Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Campaign Marketing Manager
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Online Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Executive

I had a great experience working with Market Recruitment. Their knowledge and innovative way of working really shone through. During the process they ended up putting some great candidates in front of us, resulting in us hiring two of them instead of one.

-Alice Little, Head of Strategic Operations