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Apr 17, 2019

How To Tell If You’ll Get The Marketing Job Offer

By Matt Dodgson

Co-Founder - Recruiter & Marketer

Will you get the marketing job offer?

Let’s face it; walking out of an interview room after you’re done can be as unsettling as preparing for one.

When you walk out the door, it’s normal to begin second-guessing yourself.

Your mind is beclouded with doubts.

During the interview, you may feel that the interviewer seems to be giving you positive remarks on your skills and accomplishments. But this alone doesn’t imply you are going to get the role.

Being selected for the position depends on many factors and you don’t know what other candidates are like. You may be competent and eligible, but the company is looking for the best candidate to fill the post.

You could drive yourself crazy trying to put yourself inside the hiring manager’s mind.

Nevertheless, there are ways to tell if a job interview went well enough to get a marketing job offer.

Job Offer Sign #1: Your interview lasted longer than expected

The interview was expected to be 30 minutes, but you’ve been in there for over 1½ hours. An even more positive sign is if they spend a fair chunk of time on YOUR questions.  They are taking the time to ensure you are sold on the role and company and want to remove any doubts.


The Not So Good Sign:

Once they have finished their scripted questions they shut down the interview. If they are not allowing more time to expand and allow time for your questions means they are not really bothered about the fit.


Job Offer Sign #2: Your interviewer gave you a tour of their department or office

Employers that are seriously considering you are willing to introduce you to their employees. If you felt you were kindly received, and all of the folks in the office are smiling, this may mean you might be starting soon. If the hiring managers like you they will be selling you the role including the office and company culture. This often means showing you around the office and letting you meet some of the potential co-workers.


The Not So Good Sign:

You don’t get to meet much of the team and don’t make it past the interview room.  They are not going to waste time showing you around or introducing you if you aren’t in the running.


Job Offer Sign #3: They ask you to come for a second interview to meet the head honchos

This is also a good sign because usually upper management will not get involved until they are considering serious applicants. So if you get to meet the marketing manager/director then this bodes well. It’s particularly a good sign if upper management reference details about you, like mentioning details about you like the school you went to . If they say incorrect information about you- it isn’t really a test of patience, it’s because they don’t really see you progressing.


The Not So Good Sign:

You have only really met with one hiring manager. Hiring is a huge decision for a company and really needs to include multiple people. Even if it is a start-up with 2 people, you are likely going to meet with all of them!


Job Offer Sign #4: They confirm how they can get in touch with you & start talking next steps.

It’s a positive sign if they start bringing up things like your notice period, how soon could you start or we need your references etc. – especially if this was already covered in the 1st interview and they are re-confirming. Hiring managers will only be concerned with double checking contact methods if they are planning to continue the hiring process with you.


The Not So Good Sign:

Your interviewer say the dreaded ‘We’ve got some more interviews to carry out’ and don’t really give you a decision time frame. They give vague answers when you ask what the next steps are.


Job Offer Sign #5: The body language was all positive.

Not everyone is great at reading body language, but there is one easy clue to look out for.  If the interviewer was nodding and smiling as you speak. These are positive gestures and may be considered as signs of approval. This indicates his/her affirmation, and may mean a favourable endorsement for the position you are applying for.


The Not So Good Sign:

Closed off body language like crossed arms and legs and they barely crack a smile the whole time.  In fact they seem quite bored or distracted.


Job Offer Sign #6: They confirmed your availability again

If selected, how soon could you start? This is a positive indication that you are being seriously considered to fill the vacant marketing position. This could also mean that they need an applicant that is ready to take up the position on short notice.


The Not So Good Sign:

They haven’t mentioned any time frames and have not enquired about your availability.  Your notice period doesn’t matter to them because they cannot see you in the role.


Job Offer Sign #7: Your references have been contacted

It takes some time to go through and do a background check and make contact with references.  This further time commitment to get to know the real you really only happens at the last stage of consideration.


The Not So Good Sign:

They haven’t requested any references at all.  It’s not always a bad sign, as things like LinkedIn recommendations can be considered, but it usually tends to be part of the company hiring processes.


Job Offer Sign #8: They made comments like “We’ll see you soon”

The choice of words is important here.  Definite, positive and future leading words are what you want to hear.  Not maybe. Not perhaps. Otherwise the decision hasn’t been made yet in their mind or even worse it will be a no.


The Not So Good Sign:

Again, if things remain open and vague.  If they say “Thanks for your time.  We will be in touch with successful candidates soon” implies you are still one of a pool of candidates and that they aren’t considering YOU in particular.


If Biggest and Best Job Offer Sign: Salary and benefits were discussed in the interview

We’re talking in more detail.  More than just asking you what your salary expectations are. They mention it again and in more detail, or in any follow up calls.  This means they are seriously thinking numbers and how they can fit you within their budget. Now could be the time to think about how to successfully negotiate the salary. 


The Not So Good Sign:

They haven’t mentioned salary at all. In fact they haven’t asked you about what you are looking for and your goals.


In summary

There are many other signs that would give you the confidence that you are “the one” chosen for the job, however the above 9 are some of the easiest and best to pick out. The truth is, you would never really know if you have been accepted for a job unless you receive THE call and following job offer letter.


If You Didn’t Get the Job Offer:

And what happens if you didn’t receive that job offer this time around?  Don’t get discouraged from the rejection and keep proactively searching.  You can look over some of the job searching tools we’d recommend here again.

If you aren’t using a recruiter, then get in touch with specialist marketing recruiters. Go over your key goals and what you want from a role again with your recruiter. They will be able to work out the types of companies and culture that would work best for you in the future.