By Matt Dodgson

Matt is a Sales & Marketing Director. Being an inbound nerd, he's often found creating content that helps job seekers and hiring managers achieve their goals.

Here’s our selection of 5 marketing articles covering the changing nature of SEO and the digital mindset. Also includes the benefits of inbound marketing and improving marketing productivity.

Marketing Productivity

Want to be more efficient in marketing?  The following article suggests fundamental changes that anyone can use to become more productive.  Getting down to the basics, including one tactic in particular that I will be testing out myself: singletasking.

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Build Yourself A Fortress

What comes to mind when you think of a fortress?  It’s built for defensive attacks, sturdy and secure. They last forever. Including the Inbound methodology can provide a lot of benefits to a company. In his article, AJ Agrawal provides three compelling reasons that inbound will help turn your company into a fortress.

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The New Digital Mindset

How do you know if your company is including enough digital? This is an interesting podcast on the importance of adopting the digital mindset and the impact is has on companies. And in particular marketers.  Industry experts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster weigh in. Skip to about the 7 min mark for the main event.

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The Changing Nature Of SEO

SEO is notorious for being difficult to keep up with.  And it looks like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.  This article considers how our search patterns are changing SEO and how it will likely be completely evolved in five years time.

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Influencer Campaigns

Using Toyota as a case study, this article discusses how launching an effective influencer campaign includes a variety of marketing tactics. Kristen Matthews offers 6 strategies to you can borrow for your next influencer campaign.

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